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Appreciating property values

Over time, the value of a home will go up and down. Home values appreciate in the long term in most cases. But, of course, there is always a certain amount of risk in real estate.

When your home appreciates you have more resources to borrow against, and you get a bigger profit when you sell. Property values shift for a variety of reasons, so how will you know what you're purchasing today won't depreciate the day after you close? The most important aspect is that you choose an agent who recognizes the factors that influence local prices.

A lot of people believe that the economy is the most critical factor impacting real estate appreciation. Obviously, there are a lot of issues on a national level that adjustyour house's value: unemployment, interest rates, quarterly earnings reports, and more. However, your property's value and the elements that play the most significant role in its appreciation are particular to the local economy and housing market.

Let Kelley  Rege Properties, Inc help you with your first home purchase in Milton Access to services - Many of us decide to live in regions with the most helpful amenities for homes to develop, such as a closeproximity to jobs and schools. So when it comes to retaining their value, these regions generally appreciate the best.

Recent sales - Your real estate agent should provide you with data on the recent real estate sales in the regions that you're interested in. You'll want to know average time on, selling versus listing price and more.

Appreciation history - Have home prices risen or declined over the last 5-10 years? Is the area thought of as desirable because of its location or affordability?

Economic factors - Have businesses moved into or away from an area? Are local businesses hiring? Is there a fair mixture of job types in an area, or does it rely on just one industry? These items play a role.

Knowing the factors that impact your property's financial worth is important. Get an assessment of your house's value here. Please call us at (617) 696-6100 or e-mail us with any questions.