Why An Independent


Why An Independent Member of the Realty Guild?

The members of the Realty Guild are constantly being contacted by national franchises and chains which offer them substantial buyouts. But, yet they stay independent. Why?

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By being their own bosses, members are able to provide you with the highest level of service without the restrictions that come from being overseen by "corporate headquarters." Guild members do not take a cookie cutter approach to real estate. How your property is marketed depends on many things, such as where it is located, its price, even the time of year. By being independent, Realty Guild members are able to customize their approach to each property. You can talk to the boss at any time!

Realty Guild members know that you are both part of the same community, and they have extensive knowledge of and a vested interest in that community.

  • They are free from corporate encumbrances.
  • They are free to negotiate without restraints and time delays.
  • They are free to respond quickly and effectively.

In Massachusetts, look for the Realty Guild logo for a truly professional and successful real estate company. We have an in-depth understanding of your community and the residential market as a whole.

Did you know?

If Realty Guild offices were looked at as one firm, we'd be in the top 30 largest firms in the country. But our members aren't one firm. Each is unique as the town in which it is located.

 Realty Guild offices do more business per agent than most national franchises and chains in their town. Don't always assume that the office with the largest number of agents is the 'biggest'. Look for an office with agents that produce. Are you better working with an office that does $50,000,000 a year and has 30 agents or one that does $50,000,000 a year and has 10?

Realty Guild offices offer concierge services that match or surpass the national firms. We work with outstanding companies including "OLYMPIA MOVING", for all of your moving needs, LEADER BANK, one of the leading mortgage companies in the country, as well as First American Title Insurance, handling all of your insurance needs.We also Time Value Property Exchange, experts in tax-free exchanges. Home warranties, utility hook ups, local service people -- Realty Guild members have it all. And we do it because it provides service, not because it boosts our bottom line.

According to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, independents are the big guys. "579 of the 4,380 residential real estate offices in the Commonwealth are franchised operations, or 12.3 percent of the total, according to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors". (Quoted from an article in the Boston Globe.)

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